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Time for another competition!!

15 Sep

My blog has been pretty slow lately, but life has been crazy.  My (not-so) new job has me working around 60 hours a week (probably more if I was honest but I’d rather not be), but I’ve been getting in to train at least 3-4 times a week which is pretty nice.  On Wednesdays, my midweek day off, I can usually get in twice, which definitely helps.  I’ve only been lifting 2-3 times a week if I’m lucky, but I’ve been making steady improvements in both my squat and deadlift, so at least they’re going somewhere. 

All of this basically boils down to the fact that I finally feel like I can be ready to compete again soon.  Las Vegas is great for tournaments, but it seems that this season has passed me by before I really got a chance to train hard.  Now that I’ve finally got a rhythm going, I think I can be ready for Grappler’s Quest in November and really feel like I prepared.  I wish I could have competed at the IBJJF Las Vegas open last month (FOUR women in my division!  That would have been unheard of in Tennessee!!), but I knew I wasn’t ready.  I had barely started training again by that point.

I have officially requested off of work for that day, and as soon as Fredson gets back from Brazil I’m going to tell him that I definitely want to compete.  Oh man, this is going to be painful…