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Found it!

10 Jul

My new Las Vegas BJJ home, that is.  While Drysdale’s was really great and I could learn SO much there, it’s just too far to drive all the time.  I checked out Epic Training Center today, and while it was a little smaller than I expected, the instruction was top notch.  Fredson Paixao teaches all their BJJ classes (which ended up being a total of 7 students including myself–5 blues and two whites), which started with some technique and then moved on to open rolling.  I only had two rolls (maybe 7-10 minutes) and then Fredson had me sit out–I was completely exhausted.  Everyone was really nice, and they really want me to stick around, which I will definitely do.  Fredson also asked me if I was interested in competing, which I would love, if my schedule allows it.  It’s only 5 minutes from home, maybe even less, and about two minutes from work.  While I do wish there were some women (or more people in general, just for variety), what I got was pretty great and I can’t beat the commute.  Unfortunately, I made the deadly mistake of a) revealing I’m a vet, and b) jokingly referring to myself as “brown sugar”, as it has now stuck.  Oops. 

In other news, work is going well.  In addition to a wide variety of cats and dogs, I’ve seen some exotics which has been exciting.  It’s nice to actually be decent at something that others aren’t, although in their defense my school was great for it and I really learned a lot from my professors.  I love my new job!