Vegas, baby!!

28 Jun

That’s right–I’m finally here!  I start my new job over at Sunridge Animal Hospital in less than a week.  I got approved for my new place, a two-bedroom condo, and hopefully I’ll be able to move in by Thursday or Friday.  I’ve already met a few new friends, but I’m very grateful for the old ones that are here with me!

Also, I finally got a chance to roll again.  I went to Drysdale’s for a trial class, and it was pretty great.  Unfortunately, it’s about a half an hour away from where I work/live, so I don’t think it’ll be my main school, unless I only end up training on my days off (I have 10-hour shifts, and apparently most people end up staying an hour or so after to finish paperwork).  They were pretty cool with me coming in only once or twice a week and training at another school, but they said other schools might not be ok with it.  I do have one other school I would like to check out, and it’s super close to where I’m going to live.  Maybe that one will be awesome enough that I’m ok training there all the time.


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