New Training Buddy

25 Mar

I intubated a lioness on Friday!!

Like this guy, but with fewer helping hands.


I was pretty excited to get it on the first try.  Cats can be difficult, and with big cats the bigger tubes can be floppy and don’t always go where you want them.  Plus, it’s hard to see all the way back there.  Clearly, I was meant to do this.

Saturday saw a great women’s class.  I finally convinced Rebecca to come in for a class, and it was a blast.  She hit it off great with Jess and Michelle, and we all had a blast rolling and chatting about being women in BJJ, or in their cases, work.  Turns out that Michelle and Rebecca know some of the same people through work, and it was hilarious listening to them talk about their jobs.

We started off class with a warm-up and then some rolling.  Rebecca and I rolled first, and it was pretty great for both of us.  I definitely had some height and weight on her, but for both of us it was the still the closest we’d ever come to finding someone our own size.  Even knowing that I was slightly bigger, she still felt tiny!  I can’t imagine what I feel like to bigger guys.  It was great knowing that whenever I got swept or couldn’t escape, it was pure technique–no muscling and definitely no fat boy jiu jitsu.  It makes me even more sad that I’m leaving Knoxville so soon, after having found such an awesome training buddy! I rolled with Michelle next, which is always great.  It was good to see that she could stand to roll so well after her surgery, and she’s even made progress since Monday as far as what she can do with her knee.

After, Jess went over some “small guy” techniques–her variation on the knee-through guard pass, and different ways to take mount from side control.  I always love when we go over the basics.  At some point we got so caught up in talking we just sort of stopped drilling until Michelle (the one white belt! lol) got us back on track.  After class, we took some pictures (which I plan on shamelessly stealing from Rebecca’s blog once she posts them) and discussed trying to start a women’s open mat in Knoxville.  Even if I’m gone, I really hope it works out.  In any case, I hope Rebecca comes back soon!

Open class started soon after, and I got my wish from Monday–we started drilling takedowns, and then went live for two minutes from the feet.  As always, the old “be careful what you wish for” adage remains true–a minute in, I brilliantly decided to headbutt my partner with my nose.  It’s not broken and it wasn’t bleeding, but it crunched loud enough for another blue belt to notice and check on me.  And of course, when I went to go ice it there was no ice in the freezer–go figure.  I decided to stay for the techniques and go next door to Walgreen’s for an instant ice pack during the rolling part of class, and we worked on some half-guard passes.

I’m starting an externship in Asheville, NC tomorrow, so I won’t be able to train during the week unless I find a school there (any suggestions?).  I’m planning on coming back for the weekends though, so at least I’ll be able to hit up Saturday classes…and pack…and start saying goodbye to my life in Knoxville.


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